Trading Strategy, Philosophy & Maintaining Discipline w/ Edge. Krown Podcast

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  1. 19 been trading for about 9 months, the podcasts and as well as the rest of your channel has been providing so much value thankyou mr krown. also one of the main reasons i started backtesting my trading stratagies. really cool to hear the people in this episode. being young i only hear about how stupid trading is.

  2. Loved the background on Krown. I just thought it would be entertaining but I got a lot out of this. The one thing Iโ€™d really like to know is if the course members have day jobs and how much time they spend on trading. Iโ€™d love to trade but living in PST and having a 9-5 makes it tough to be mentally invested enough to actually trade

  3. Alot of positivity discussions in this podcast – i recommend to anyone reading this to check out "untethered soul" by Michael Singer. Tons of great info there on this type of thing.

  4. Krown we need some t shirts, trend volatility momentum or validations & invalidations or BBWP! haha endless quotes my man. Wish you a great day, love from Greece my man.

  5. Gratitude alone wouldn't cut it, the return of an investment with Mrs. Elizabeth Wesley on my portfolio is mind blowing enough that i can't keep it all to myself, Such efficiency. Thanks for changing my life for good.

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  7. Read a book called "Thinking, fast and slow". It goes over the fact you have 2 primary states of mind, your rational thinking and your instinctive reactionary thinking.

    Obviously when trading, we want to be using the part of our brain that has executive function. We want to keep our lizard brains switched off at all times.

  8. Love this colaboration chat in all topics discussed. TA, thought processes, psychology, market maker info, Algos etc. Great down to earth & chilled out chat. Loved it. Tuning in here from England UK ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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