Trading Like the Pros: Smart Money Concept Entry Confirmation Strategies

What are the best entry confirmation methods for smart money trading? In this episode, we will guide you through the patterns and …


  1. Impressive video. I started a bit late (graduated from my doctorate program at age 30 in 2016 with 170k in school loan debt). Managed to pay off my debt by 2019 and currently have a house and 250k total in investments (combo of profit share, 401k and a brokerage account). I'm not very knowledgeable in investing, so I just have my investing currently in index funds mainly voo, but have been putting a lot into schd the past few months. I dunno if that's the optimal strategy, but psychologically it is very set it and forget it, and prevents me from obsessing over individual stock performance.

  2. It's always a honor to have you here as a mentor, learn a lot watching your videos and it has encourage me expecially in decisions making.
    Investing in the financial market that currently changed my life

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