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Master Trader Gareth Soloway breaks down the charts and macro data like nothing ever available to the public. Usually kept for …


  1. This is a tough question, maybe a clock for the opening and closing of the markets, that way for different time zones. You can see if it's before or after trading hours

  2. First of all, I have to say that your homepage is already extremely good.

    Three things for your homepage:
    – Commitments of Traders (CoT) Index Charts
    – Seasonality Charts
    – Sentiment Charts

  3. 1 thing to add to the home page. "Gareth's top thoughts of the day". Similar to the daily summary you give on X, but with an ability to click into it to find out more (perhaps it goes to a snippet of the VI daily video)

  4. What would be great, if there was a visual of inflation in relation to how many ounces of gold it takes to buy a median size house and other common expenses.

  5. Home page looks great. Here's my suggestion. Post a weekly educational short video clip (3-5 minutes at most) emphasizing a single basic strategy. Things that come to mind that have helped me tremendously so far are learning confirmation signals, not going all in on the first buy of a position. and always having an exit strategy. The last two have been especially helpfulI, as prior to watching your channel I was an all in on a single stock trader that would often get trapped in a position. I know for most this is super basic, but for people like me these have been invaluable tips. The upside for the site is that as people begin to see progress in their understanding of the market it may encourage them to take the next step in their trading journey by signing up for a service.

  6. i have lifetime memberships in probably 10 groups, and ive done 7 different schools with my thirst for trading knowledge, and This is the one membership i wish there was a lifetime offering of a membership, but im still a member monthly because theres more value than anyone could imagine

  7. The new website is amazing, im still navigating it , had issues the first 2 weeks with login, and now im expired, so have to reup, but been a longtime listener and fan, thanks Gareth your a legend

  8. I think the homepage is excellent. If I added anything it would be a way to drop down and look at relevant data on a particular industry… for example fashion, or mining etc. that way if I’m sector focused – I have an easy way to get relevant focused trading summary info quick.

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