Trading in Bitcoin legal or illegal in India ?

In this video Mr. K. S. Kishore Kumar Explains about the Bitcoin Trading is Legal or illegal ? Topics covered: What is …


  1. Sir small correction, we can track the sender and receiver but they are anonymous, we cannot find where is the sender and where is the receiver and the transaction can't be hacked because of hash and blockchain.
    This technology will be implement in banking sectors with unique crypto by many countries around the world. Now trend goes on NFT's..

  2. Recently i barely spend my pension fund . Regarding with the measures I made to trade Bitcoin . I learnt of bitcoin trade through a Stock analyst whom I came across in Tele gram channels . I believe deposite some funds to create Funds is the best idea to relate present. Right now no month I won't made $45000 on my trade account Peacefully without facing issues to trade Bitcoin. I believe Investor and new joining should focus more on trade rather than depends on some one to carryout the process of Trading for oneself often. I would conclude I found more favor on Bitcoin trade
    To any other Stock assets available. I sold the total of $90,000 directly on my binance exchange

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