Top 7 GAMING Altcoins Set to Explode in 2021 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments April 2021?

Top 7 Gaming Altcoins! Which coins did I miss? COMMENT below! $250 Sign-Up Bonus …


  1. Company with over 150k$ registered company capital, licensed – ATMs with 0% fees, POS payments with discounts.. WE from Wanda Exchange will go to the moon in this cycle 😍

  2. Already subscribed, bro, don’t fear haha
    Anyway I think you have already been asked a million of questions about CVR. PolkaCover is my favorite in the insurance space. Many partnerships and a convenient marketplace with great rewards. So when are you posting a video about them??

  3. Any piece of information on insurance?

    Just found PolkaCover and wanna know your opinion. They offer good insurance for any crypto, DeFi or NFT asset. Their marketplace is good and they provide nice staking options. So should I buy more?

  4. Dude you need to cover Ethverse is a crypto gaming metaverse on Grand Theft Auto V, with Layer 2 Wallet Launch April 15th, Business NFT launch 22nd April and in game rewards May 6th! It has a market cap of 5.7million. Seriously flying under the radar!

  5. Hi fella, nice review

    Have you read about UnoRe? It is a decentralized token}which is developing its own Dapp on oracle to make the insurance market easier to enter. Need to hear your opinion

  6. DENT = Elon is showing an interest now. For SPACEX
    I love the strategy and i think it'll go very high very soon. its also very low in price.
    This is a rare opportunity to become a part of the eSIM world.
    it's a futuristic approach to the worlds telecoms systems.
    i think it's a very fast….WIN, WIN situation.

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