Top 6 BEST Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) For Crypto in 2023

With the recent combustion of centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are back in the spotlight.


  1. I think Reef chain Dex is Among the top Dex not mention
    Reef Chain is an EVM compatible blockchain for DeFi, NFTs and Gaming. The Reef Divers group consists of the strongest Reef supporters, whose main goal is to spread awareness, and adoption of the Reef Chain

  2. Thank you, great video. Can anyone please help me understand what will happen to pancakeswap (built on binance smart chain) if binance fails (heard binance has some issues)? Thank you again!

  3. Most of the Dex projects are just cheap scam without any technology. Hoping to sell their junk coins to a gullible public, they promise thousands of X's. But where will they come from when there is no technology itself that will bring profit on its own without investor money.

  4. I’m surprised that i didn’t see Wombat exchange token, $WOM on the list. The project is a major contender in the DEX space and as a multi-chain stableswap, users can swap easily without a hitch and low slippage. $WOM is currently attempting a bullish run on MEXC Global and with more users getting to know the exchange, we expect nothing less than a tremendous growth for the project.

  5. A better video would of been to show the top DEXs on each TOP layers ones. All of these DEXs were on ETH except PancakeSwap. But ADA, MATIC, ATOM, FTM and other layer ones offer better DEXs and UIs and better fee models.

  6. Polkaswap, best dex on Polkadot, with bridge to ETH. Soon will have evm to all polkadot/kusama projects. Payment card (pay with fiat or crypto) being released next week. This DEX will be as big as Uniswap, already having more transactions and higher volume than most dexes.

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