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  3. In what Video did you talk about the "1 hour GAINERS" I cannot find it. I want to learn more about that. @suppoman udemy I have never heard of that before and want to know which video. There is no video titled that way, so I have no idea which one to look at. Please help!

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  5. 2:59 Walton increased a lot the day after you made the video saying it would be the top loser. It has corrected a little, and it's still higher than the price a few days ago when you made the video

  6. Suppoman, Correction – Substratum did not pump and dump on its debut in the exchanges – if you actually look at the graphs in coin market, it's got the best organic, steady growth anyone would wish for in this market, cheers.

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  8. Can you explore Iconomi? You used to support it very strongly and now you just ignoring it … hope you stay faithfull with us not only when you are right, but also when you fail a prediction

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