TOP 5 Altcoins to Become a Crypto Millionaire This Cycle (IGNORE The Rest!)

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  1. So I don’t understand, why would you not buy something because it hasn’t performed well against BTC. If it’s a good coin, then it’s going to be it’s next turn such as near or Ethereum or even coins like doge so basically you’re buying coins with values. Please help me understand if I’m wrong.

  2. Mă uit la clipul tău. Și învăț multe. Ai avut dreptate în tot ce ai spus de la începutul lui 2023. Mult succes… Apreciez foarte mult ceea ce faci. Cred că investiția creează bogăție în timp. Investesc (fac DCA, câștig 8000 EUR săptămânal) în piața cripto. Sunt multumit de progresul meu

  3. This video feels like Miles should be a client of Jason’s. He seemed to need advice, approval and reassurance. I’m pleased to discover Jason though… a fellow SEQ’er. So much good content from him. Excited to follow him closely.

  4. Save this… you buy crypt when the cards are down, everyone folded,, thats when u become and create life changing fam wealth… then keep on rolling profits between btc, kas and nas ans sp500 etf.

  5. wow.. miles has absolutely no idea what he's doing.. buys utter shit which show no signs of life and simply hopes for pumps haha. jason is class though

  6. I've been watching Jason for years and this has been one of my favorite videos in a while. Maybe it's the enthusiasm or something like that. But looking forward to Miles's channel having Jason

  7. great combo having you two coming from two perspectives. 1 note, collaborate on how to avoid talking over each other more as it happens frequently and will put off viewers. Great video overall !

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