TOP 3 TIPS FOR SURVIVING PULLBACKS & DUMPS!!! Cryptocurrency Trading & Analysis

The cryptocurrency market regularly sees pullbacks with double digit losses time and time again. In this video, we’ll be covering …


  1. Bitcoin has shown tremendous bullish patterns similar to its 2017 highs and even though there seem to be some confusion between current support and resistance and now the recent pullback, one can confidently say a new all time high is by the corner, and it is just a matter of time which is already here. It is not too late to buy and for those hoping and praying for a pullback before doing so, you may just lose it entirely. Likewise, it is also the best time to get into actively trading the crypto market as the stakes are high now and with the right mentorship and signals like those of Koen Albers, the sky is the limit. I started trading a rather small portfolio of just 2 btc with his services and within a few weeks, I had progressively grown my portfolio into over 7 btc. He is someone I can vouch for the accuracy of his signals and even introduced a few friends to with incredible results as well. Koen can be reached on Telrgram (alberskoen) or WhatsAap (+44 7727 427929) for crypto investing and trading edge

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  3. Velo is a coin to watch out for it's resisting big pullbacks and it's a Digital Credit and Loan Issuance platform that supports the creation of digital assets like CBDCs and stablecoins. This sector will fuel the next bullrun and Velo will move into the top 25 in 2021 and pull a 10x from here easily.

  4. Always support you mate! Guys, the best thing to do is, shut your laptop, phone, then turn it on Monday or Sometimes during the week. Pullbacks are healthy! And we knew it was gonna happen!

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