Top 3 Reasons To Buy Decentraland. #invest #cryptocurrency #crypto #mana #decentraland


  1. I was buying mana at $1 up to $4 I was buying at $2 I was buying it at $.65 yesterday and the more the price drops the happier I become WHEN The stock market comes back as it always has done for centuries
    Bitcoin will be back up and with it all of its little minions will to…. Including Mana when it’s $10 I’ll still be buying it so today as it stands at $.69 I’ll be buying more as soon as I can spare the money a lot of people jump on the hype of buying crypto/stocks when there high because they see their friends who bought while it was Low making money then they hate their friend because……………….. what goes up must come down buy now while it’s Low it’s the only time to make real money in stocks and crypto Unless you pick the next Bitcoin or the next Tesla before they even know that their next Bitcoin or Tesla 🤞

  2. Top 3 reasons NOT to buy decentraland:

    1: The game look absolutely horrible, there is nothing interesting to do, and it fails in every aspect it covers.

    2: Referring back to reason 1, the price will only go down because eventually people will stop falling for the start up metaverse scam

    3: Why the fuck would you want to replicate real life 1:1 in the metaverse? Oh you wouldn't? Well then don't buy decentraland

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