Top 3 PROFITABLE Crypto Trading Indicators (What I Use To Earn $1000+ EVERY Week)

Trading Crypto is all about risk management and strategy, and indicators are incredibly vital to achieving maximum gains.


  1. Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial style video.

    Just a quick note, if you’re struggling to find the last indicator you might need to search “previous day” and it will be the indicator made by ‘sbtnc’ – hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the vid. in the Pivot Point's settings you can also turn on the pivot points which shows the H and Ls on the chart, and also the Support/Resistance dotted lines. Do you find those additional chart indicators good to use for the Pivot indicator? And id so what time frame do you use them?

  3. Fantastic Video. Many YT strategy videos are pants and mostly click bait. This was very informative! Thank you. Would love to see move videos like this. 👍

  4. Great vidoe guys, so clear and informative. I've seen previous video where you use the SMA and WMA for short term trades, is this correct? Is the SMA and WMA the best ones for short term trades, ie 5 min chart?

  5. Thanks for sharing this indicators with us! This will help me a lot🚀. You ask in the video what do you want to see. I love to see how you spot a reversal in the priceaction en how do you determine the entry. Thanks in advance🤙🏻

  6. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for sharing your indicators. I can not find the last indicator in my free version of Tradingview with the exact describtion of DWM HL. Maybe you can help me out with it.

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