Top 3 Platforms for Crypto in Dubai & Abu Dhabi (Buy Bitcoin Easily)

3 platforms to buy BTC in UAE /// BitOasis : Rain : Binance …


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  7. Great video! I really do have a question. For someone with less than $10,000 to invest, how would you recommend we enter the crypto market? I am looking at studying some traders and copying their strategy rather than investing myself and losing money emotionally. What’s your take on this approach?

  8. For a few months now I have been searching tirelessly for information on how to start investing. I even payed $1000 for a course that I now regret. It appears that there is no structured guidiance for beginners on how to get started in this realm. I've come across several investors making well over $250k/annum and would be grateful if anyone on here could provide insights on how to get started, identify potential stocks, when to make an entry, exit etc.

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  11. I'm new to this crypto and forex trading and I've been making huge loses trading on my own but recently I see alot of people earning from it. can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong.

  12. You know you could work for 40 years to have $1M in your retirement, meanwhile some people are putting thousand of in investment now they are multimillionaires.

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  14. Please I need help, I lost tons of money on live trade, I thought is the same as demo trade because I was winning in my demo account. This is really frustrating and overwhelming. where do I start please?

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  16. I came here to learn how to invest after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $460,000 in 4 months from $160k, somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm still confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.

  17. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  18. Greetings everyone, I'm new to crypto and forex trading and I've been making huge loses trading on my own but recently i see alot of people earning from it. can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  19. Drifting into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, lol..I smile at my portfolio cux have been gaining a lot from Crypto Lately

  20. in a few months or no time people will definitely start kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in crypto currency

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  23. The market keeps growing daily with new strategies on how we can make it work for us for long periods of time,I'm glad I finally started my investment, can't wait to see how this all turns out.
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  24. Ready about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investment even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? Would be appreciated

  25. Good day! Thanks for this informative video. Just a question, are BitOasis and RAIN both crypto wallet as well that can be linked to OpenSea? Thanks in advance

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