Top 2 Altcoins Set to Explode in 2022 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments

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  1. Hello I'm new to bitcoin trade and i have been making huge loses, but recently i see a lot of people earning from it , can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  2. Despite the recent bull market, most traders still make complex mistakes while trading alone. I would advise traders to get more information with the help of experienced traders. Rhett Susan is a game changer.

  3. I advise all beginners to get an expert trader who can guide them or better still help them trade just like Expert mrs Pamela Kay Weaver. She does a great job

  4. <great post 🙌🏻Very detailed and accurate video you posted friend, I love your content. It's funny how some people out there still haven't accepted that cryptocurrencies continue to reshape the world globally, even though they have been around for days from a trader's perspective, we really needed more experts in the field to teach newbies. / investors how to do it worked to inform the community. The price of BTC has been fluctuating lately which means that the market is currently open and you cannot tell if it will be bearish or bullish. This uncertainty is driving most traders away and forcing investors to hold back. I'd say it's completely wrong to sit and wait and maybe take some losses, this is the wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor it should be ours to find ways to keep adding more and more coins and reloading to make a profit. It all depends on the model you are trading in and also on the source of your strategies. I started with 2 BTC and collected over 5.5 BTC in just 4 weeks, with the correct trading strategy given to me by an experienced trader, Morten Jesper. His methods are top notch and profitable and he can easily be contacted via Telegram [@MortenJesp} and What'sapp✙18503612401📈☑

  5. The 4th altcoin that I think you should add on this list is UDO. I think it is set to explode in 2022 because their platform will be used by banks and enterprises next year once their mainnet successfully launches.

  6. I hate how he shills orn. He said baxk in autumn: Yeah guys, orn is now going back to 27 dollar.
    Where are we now? 5.56 dollar – 85 % far from it, hahaah lmao

  7. UBT is an awesome pick. ORN is down 80% not bad 🤔 but the competition is strong. CRO very long term. Competition is also strong.

  8. First two i like it, CRO? Not so much. They have very good comercials but the point is what can they give back to the community? Will they have anything of this? I am more into gaming stuff 😋

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