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  1. Quick thing! As I mentioned in the video it's best to follow Rekt HQ on twitter for the time being – you can use the link in the description for that!

    Hope you guys enjoy! Are there any Telegram channels that I have missed? Let me know! Don't forget to follow me in my Telegram Insider channel You may also enjoy my clips channel which has behind the scenes bits and shorter form content

  2. I am so fortunate that I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever I am a single mother living in Melbourne Australia who bought my second home in September and is hoping to retire next year at 50 if things continue to go smoothly for me

  3. You just reinforced everything I instinctively knew, a big thank you! These scammers are a real menace, it's aggravating, respect to GrindTechiei on the internet for his money recovery role in all of this but with videos like this the word is getting out. Thank you❤,

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  8. I had a very terrible experience with the signal provided by glass node.

    Instead I lost all my investment using the signal from glassnode. Though an advert that a whooping 7000% pumping for the useless DOS coin was claimed, this looks more like a scam!!!.
    I bought the coin with $527 at same minute the signal was produced, yet lost all my monies invested as the pumping was for some nano seconds long only!!

    This was too short a time to even complete a transaction , The admin wants me to invest another $2000 in their bot trading claiming that will be faster than me! Meanwhile, I needed to register in the shady vip room with another $500!!
    I lost everything so be warned and I suggest that Guy should not spoil his reputation with glass node and stop being associated with glassnode

  9. Mon partenaire et moi investissons également dans une plateforme de crypto-monnaie. Le revenu mensuel peut atteindre 30% à 50%🤑. L'espace d'investissement et d'exploitation est énorme et les fonds sont sûrs et stables. Les plans d'investissement peuvent être activés ou suspendus à tout moment. Les revenus quotidiens peuvent être retirés le même jour et le principal suspendu peut être retiré à tout moment après la planification✌. Mais si vous souhaitez investir 3000USDT ou plus, vous avez besoin de conditions supplémentaires, que je ne comprends pas très bien🙄.

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