Top 10 Altcoins ready to EXPLODE (in 2023)! Best Crypto Investments!

Besides Bitcoin & Ethereum, what altcoins are good to buy? Top 10 Altcoins ready to EXPLODE | Best Crypto Investments We will …


  1. Hello Altcoin Daily Team! Do you have any thoughts regarding Tezos? Possibly about it’s infrastructure, tokenomics, self-amending capabilities, etc.? I watch your videos every single day and truly value your thoughts regarding different projects and was curious if you considered adding Tezos to your top 10 altcoin list. If so, why or why not? I’ve been in the crypto space for roughly two years now and I’m just trying to educate myself as best as possible. Thank you for your time!

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  3. If you pay close attention there are 10 reasons why NOT to invest in these crypto currencies. Only Chainlink and Mina and Binance have anything of substance to hang their hats on.

  4. Some coins like ada 🤢🤮💩on your list are completely ridicolous, did you take your 2 seconds to look up it's tokenomics? I bet not, at least don't want other people rekt.

  5. Way to heavy on L0/L1/L2 smart contracts it’s a highly competitive market and network effects are starting to play out. I doubt they all make 100X next bull run. At current prices and fundamentals analysis I would say-GALA, RNDR, Theta, MC, YGG, GRT, 1inch, CRV, CHZ and OAS. NFA and DYOR.

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