Time Is Running Out! AI Cryptos I Am Buying Before It’s Too Late!!!

Ai Narrative Is Going Crazy, this is your last chance to buy Ai Alt coins before they go crazy ! MLP Presale …


  1. Can you look at SHIDO for us and share your opinion on this coin / project? It seems to be a new layer 1 crypto getting some momentum. They are launching Mainnet in 2 weeks' time…

  2. Ben Goertzel is by far the smartest person in this space. With the alpha release of OpenCog Hyperon next month, we will see the very first AGI programming language, „MeTTa“. This is gonna be one of the first big pieces, being laid as foundation for a AGI system that’s not only capable to foster huge databanks for an output, but will be able to actually reason. And interact with other AI Agents, based on a shared language (MeTTa). Like neurons in the brain, each one representing one very specific memory or narrow AI algorithm. I see OpenCog Hyperon as an opensource OS for AI with reasoning tools. Exciting times!

  3. Bought FORT and NUM when you announced it on Discord, the day before the video was published and have so far lost 30% of my investment… worst part of I traided Solana for it, which has since gone up 25%… and FORT especially shows no signs of going back up anytime soon

  4. You are a very smart man, however, your use of the word 'narrative' is so repetitive that I find it annoying. Try and use some other metaphors and similes and you won't wind me up. BTW you are not alone, it appears to be the latest buzz word but after a while it gets boring and makes you sound less cleverer then you are.

  5. Thanks Peter for another great video. Do you recommend rotating some of the profits from depin and ai into new projects or should we wait until rendr, aioz and so on reach higher levels?

  6. 0:06: ⏳ Opportunity in AI crypto market before major Nvidia conference leading to explosive growth.
    3:17: ⏳ Opportunities in emerging narratives like AI cryptos are fleeting, with new coins pumping weekly.
    6:04: ⚙️ Importance of security in cryptocurrency to gain trust through AI-driven scanning for scams and exploited contracts.
    8:59: ⏳ Analysis of a crypto's launch during a bear market and potential influencer support.
    11:48: ⏳ Opportunities in AI cryptos discussed with recommended exchanges for purchasing.
    14:39: ⏳ Importance of secure NFT certificates for high-value transactions and the role of blockchain platforms in ensuring authenticity.
    17:37: ⏳ Opportunities for significant growth in AI cryptos with potential multi-billion dollar market cap.

    Timestamps by Tammy AI

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