This Swing Trading Strategy Only Takes 10 Minutes A Day For Huge Returns

This daily timeframe swing trading strategy using the VuManChu Cipher B + Divergences indicator, ATR, and 200 EMA legitimately only takes 10 minutes a day …


  1. Would be interesting to see the results if we tweak the strategy to move stop loss to 0.5xRisk after hitting 1.5xRisk, making profitability higher πŸ€”

  2. Hi, from the videos that I've watched, I noticed that you backtest/trade on the FX. Can the strategies you showcase be done on stocks/etfs/crypto and produce the same result, or does is it strictly FX only?

  3. Hey Trade Pro… How often do you scan the markets and on what time frame? Seems like you have to be on the charts a lot to catch a setup like this or am I wrong?

  4. I love that you point out the fact about long term (16year) validity. Many people do not understand simple math – if you get 30% increase per annum, then in 16 years you will get 66k that would jump up from a SINGLE 1k investment. Add some extra $ each ear and you are reaching 200k. No savings plan will get you een near these numbers.

  5. From a risk management perspective trading 10 pairs with 2% risk per trade you end up having to risk 20% in total of your full account to potentially gain that 53% annually. What you should have mentioned is that traiding 10 pairs you have to rebalance your risk to portfolio in order to compensate the amount of pairs. So 0.2% risk per trade per pair. Giving you a realistic 5.3% annually what you would have received with trading 1 pair anyway.

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    see its people like that i cannot stand.. you literally straight up lied .. saying that.. knowing that you will profit off of every deposit and trade that someone takes (and their losses).. while using your link.,.. instead of one donation payment.. you rather go that route to profit more off beginners that way.. you're no different than any the others on here!!

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  8. I wonder, what is your thought on bot trading? My ta's are pretty accurate but hopper looks very complicated. You can learn everything but i was just curious. Or any other viewers over here πŸ˜‰

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  10. Hi, thank you so much for all you do. I was wondering, since most strategies tend to be trend following strategies, it would be really valuable to be able to clearly determine when the market is in a range. What do you think about using the William's Alligator to tell? I know you've covered the William's Alligator before but you used it as an entry signal previously. What if you simply used it as a filter to filter out entry signals in a range? Something like only taking trades if all 3 lines are decisively moving in one direction and ignoring all trades if the lines are kinda tangled together.

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  12. This is my situation, I want to gain at least 3% every day and don't want to spend my whole day looking at the market.
    Which strategy would you propose from that list?

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