This Simple MACD Trading Strategy Made $301,000 In 2022!

This MACD trading strategy I’m about to show you, made over 300000 dollars – in 2022 alone. In this video, I’m gonna show you …


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  2. I was advised to diversify my portfolio among several assets such as stocks and bonds since this can protect my portfolio for retirement of about $750k. I want to know: Do I keep contributing to my portfolio in these unstable markets, or do I look into alternative sectors?

  3. for those looking for an extra confirmation…i use the Braid + filter (sma settings 4,7,12) and wait for the macd cross, if it coincides with a green bar on the Braid and all entry conditions are met, i take the trade…if not, i don't… 1:2RR, works very well (i only use GU on the M1)

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