This Secret Candlestick Pattern Makes Trading "Too Easy"… (Perfect For Beginners)

I am currently looking for 500 new or struggling traders to mentor and help accomplish their trading goals throughout the …


  1. Made it to the end , I have watched several of your video's already , thank you for all the information and guidance , you have helped me a lot , much appreciated.

  2. The honest coach dropped another bomb 💣 again. Thank u for your mentorship. So long you remain a subscribed member of TTC University, market analysis is at the tip of your hand. Your mentorship has opened my eyes to see the reality of the market over a ahort period of time. Sometimes, I do laugh when I watch other gamblers giving market analysis. Yours is always the best… both the free videos are better than some paid ones in other academies. My Honest Coach respect for you. Proud of you sir

  3. Hello Steve,

    I have been following you for the past 6 months – watching your videos. I must say you are the real deal and a good mentor! Because what you teach actually works. Other traders on Youtube just tell stories on trading, discourse about their wealth, and boast about their account size.

    You are different and humble. Well-done! Looking forward to enrolling in your TTC Uni.

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