This Scalping Trick Increased My Profits (Order Book Scalping)

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  1. Great video! I love to see order book to make better decisions and it works well for me. I’m continuing improving to becoming a better trader. Thank you Joel 🤗

  2. great video, was exactly what i was looking for. would love more content or more advanced content on what things you're looking at from the order book when deciding to execute a trade or not.

  3. Thanks you order books have been fast moving . I appreciate your explanation. Just discovered you and will continue to check out your other videos. I like the way you explained order books.

  4. A little bit of humor here… Tip for pronouncing English.. "CHart" not "SHart"… Shart is slang for.. well.. I'll let you look it up. heh heh. Could distract some listeners from your points being made. But I love the info here. Anything you can do to dig deeper and deeper, some of us want to go beyond charts and get into the psyche of those actually moving the charts! Thanks!

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