This Is The Beginning..

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  1. My motivation is to make enough money so that I can get more involved in charity and lifting others out of poverty. Also –

    – Stay home and watch my kids grow up ❤️
    – I want a dog, a blue Staffie
    – Want to buy a near mint copy of Hulk #181

  2. Yess! The red days are the days to buy more using our cash reserves.
    I like your mentality John. I work the same way.

    I've only invested about 25k , and i'm up 14k, even with this dip in prices. But i'm patient, and dcaing. I know at a minimum i will 10x my money this bull run.

    Regards from Greece!

  3. I have so many people close to me that throw their money into slot machines and when they lose, which they almost always do, they come out satisfied. I'll never understand that but i do understand that in crypto space. This stuff takes time. Its not a slot machine, this is the best way i can think of to take a non gamblers mind and patiently watch it go up…while knowing its a gamble either way. Smart gambling.

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