This INSANE Scalping Crypto Strategy Will Make You Filthy Rich

Welcome to TradeIQ! In this video I will show you a highly profitable crypto strategy that works on lower timeframes. This strategy …


  1. dude, i've been using this to confirm breakouts/downs from triangle patterns and using ab=cd to pick targets and holy cow does it work! even in the chop we've had this week. can't wait to see how it performs in a strong trend. thanks to much!!!

  2. thanks for the Video, i am testing your strategy at the moment, and i feel confident trading with this Strategy.
    but i have some setup question:
    – what is the Setup of the RSI Lenght 14 or 7? and which Length setup do you recommend?
    – regarding the ParabolicSAR dots strategy, should i exit the trade after the Secound changed dot or by the first Change dot?

  3. this strategy is just insane, i've noticed that you can place stop loss just below the first candle when you enter, you take more stops but R/R and total gain increase a lot. i've backtested it in BTCUSD 1M following this rule and the other ones in the video with about 10 positions, i got +20% in 6 hours.
    i'm gonna backtest it with 100 positions and i'll show my results.
    There is only 1 problem: spreads are usually really high and i'm concerned it would impact the results consistently, expecially in 1M.
    What broker do you use?

  4. Sometimes I really wondered how people make this huge profits investing on the stock market online, I agreed with you investing and earning is a legitimate way to gain financial freedom, but how is it done?

  5. Quick question about this system and divergences on the rsi. If it gives a long signal but there is bearish divergence on the rsi, would you skip that trade? Today has div after div and it’s too choppy to trade.

  6. try this in 1 minute time frame and be advised when the market is ranging it will yield a very very small profit or loss do your back testing and live testing and thank me later, also we make about 70% win rate about …and thank me later

  7. Hey mate well done with this video. You can also use the same strategy for swing trading,, with a 50 ema and a M.A.C.D setting of 5-13-1.. This oscillator is much less choppy. Same criteria applies as this video. The only thing I do differently is,, I close my position as soon as either the oscillator starts curving against my trade or the Parabolic Sar dot switches to the other side. I find this exit strategy has saved me from larger downturns. Cheers from Melbourne. 👍

  8. Volume indicator to confirm the possible depth of long/short before i entry? If i can add volume indicator what settings should i use? I mainly use this strategy with 5m TF.

  9. Bruh! This is working perfectly im using jt right now with btc etc and some alt coins and it's awesome. Keep updating and uploading more videos. Thank you!

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