This ChatGPT Trading Strategy Consistently Makes Over 590%

This ChatGPT Trading Strategy Consistently Makes Over 590% Today we show you how we made an extremely profitable …


  1. I feel sad that even though I am investing, I don't have the brain power to dig through how each company is doing, is this a good time to buy stocks or not, my reserve of $450K is laying waste to inflation and I don't know what to do at this point tbh, I need solid data on market trajectory

  2. for some reason it does not show the exit for both shot and long please help i used the same codde from ur discord and now on my screen there are three indicators first is the strategy tester then dema and then the coded one from the video

  3. I think highly of the trading skills of Mr. Donald Trace, It was a satisfaction trading with you and I intend to keep investing with you. The profits were a good financial boost for me. I acknowledge your trading platform and God bless you and your team for this wonderful opportunity. I'm so much pleased to find a true financial means through you

  4. Huh, I tested the strategy on Dax40 and the results were much worst. So maybe it's optimized for this exact case. Also TradingView wouldn't show me but the entering position, because I'm using the free version I guess.

  5. So I applied it as-is to crypto. Surprisingly, the only crypto that registered any entries or exits was BTC and ETH. I couldn't get any signals for any other altcoins on any timeframe. I'm sure it must be due to the various values and settings. Has anyone played around with different values for crypto?

  6. Quality knowledge, insights, trade signals, and strategy are required to navigate the market, I won’t regret following your program Marnell English. Experienced analysts are hard to come by these days.

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