This Bot Makes Me $5000 A Month

This bot strategy I’ve been testing for 7 months, makes me over $5000 a month…. I’ve tested it through some of the worst events in …


  1. The $5K a month did you pull it out or leave it in if you left it in then 55 then 60 so on so the 6% would be more then $5k a month and if you make $5k a month how much tax would you have to pay

  2. Yes, that's what a grid bot does. But you basically put the onus on how good your fundamental analysis is when you talk about how many red/green lines to use, which sort of defeats the purpose of a bot. If your fundamental analysis is good then just go long/short in accordance with that yeah?

  3. it's a shame you can't share this bot and help the average jo make money for one's even if we had to pay for it at a reasonable price. In these hard times, this bot could have pulled a lot of people out of their financial pain.

  4. You contradict yourself, first saying that during the 7 months BTC price went from 15k to over 25k, and ETH from 1k to 1.7k, then boasting how the strategy profited during a BEAR market?!? BTC and ETH prices dont just double up during a bear market. Also, your "tiger" seems to be nothing more than a spot trading grind. I wouldn't do it in a random CEX though, Binance has these as well.

  5. This doesn't seem strange to me.. Im following Cindicator from 2017.. They are still there after all those years and hate false marketing or any action that could be related to pump and dump. They focused 100% on developing and even did maybe the mistake to not focus enough on marketing and lost there Binance listing.. But they dont care, because they whant to have attraction with there products they deployed. They day they hold there average gain and start selling there products to firms.. this could go creasy.. But do your research, they have strategy's who give high gains in a bull markt (20x, 30x..) but like alts will lose very fast and other more conservative.. so you need to chose the right one at the right time.. like investing into alts.. Definitely a gem to keep a eye on..

  6. If they worked, everyone would use them. They're a zero-sum game. Remember that no one is going to sell a goose that lays golden eggs. The only way a bot is helpful is if it is coded to trade a specific strategy that works more than 50% of the time, and you NEVER share it. Once it gets out… only a matter of time before it's zero-sum.

  7. 🙌 Ich bin froh, dass ich mein Portfolio letzten Monat in meiner Brieftasche von 17.000 auf 100.000 erhöht habe, ohne einen Cent an irgendjemanden durch die Hilfe von Frau Juliet Santos zu schicken 🤝

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