This 90-Day Trading Psychology Challenge Made Me Profitable (95% Of Traders Can't Do This…)

I am currently looking for 500 new or struggling traders to mentor and help accomplish their trading goals throughout the …


  1. Thanks I need this video. I am a beginner trader, and have been trading on a demo account for about two months, trying new and different strategies. I finally found one that works for me about two weeks ago, and used it every day since and had an 87% success rate with my trades. I was extremely thrilled and though I was ready to trade live. My first live trading session using that exact same strategy I lost half of my capital. I am not sure if its because I traded at a different time of day or why it failed – but I haven't traded again since. I was extremely angry and very disheartened. But I realize that the market conditions are not the same all the time, and I need to identify what those market conditions were at the time of my success, and at the time of my failure. It is always a learning process, no matter how far you are in your trading journey which I am willing to accept and keep trying.

  2. I’ve been using Steven’s strategies for a few weeks now and I’ve been profiting on most of my trades. Then I tested with another demo account where I used his strategy but I let my emotions control my decisions, and I lost a lot. Summary: Gotta get a grip of your feelings before you trade even when you’re losing.

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