The Ultimate Crypto Trading Course For Beginners (Ep.1)



  1. Self-assessment:
    Trading Strategies are vital because it helps when you want to take action (buy or sell) and build self-trust
    Risk Management is critical because you keep control of your assets
    Psychology is essential because you will be less stressed

  2. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with a professional broker Mrs Millian Kelvin, her trading strategy are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade. Thanks so much ma'amβ™₯

  3. Thank you so much for the videos I always anticipate your videos so much….. I'm glad I got into crypto when I did because it’s been a turning point for me financially, been my best decision so far

  4. Hi there, i just chanced upon this video and your channel, i am keen to become a better and consistent trader. Is it still too late to join this Ultimate Crypto Trading Course For Beginners ?

  5. Dear Mr. Kourosh

    I have paid $ 17.99 for your paid subscription plan and as promised there is no discord group where I can be a member I have also written to you but no response. I want to cancel the course because of hopeless service and not fulfilling your promise. Butt he setup is done in such a way that you cannot even cancel it.

    I feel that I am dealing with some scoundrels.

    If you cannot handle your subscriptions please do not sell it.

    Most unethical behavior from a trainer.

    Maninder Singh

  6. Modern man is not the man who goes off to discover himself , his secrets and his hidden truth . He is a man who tries to invest himself in something beneficial for the future.

  7. Hi Koroush, I'm 17years old from the Philippines I love how you explain this thankful for my friend because he's the reason I'm here and he also learn from you now hes in the Crypto Space for 3years now

  8. Hey, Karoush thank U for being so generous BY giving us a free trading course to me as a complete beginner and many more people like myself, really grateful β™₯

  9. This is truly amazing…while there are several wannabe gurus and kids out there who want to charge hundreds of Dollars for cooked up courses and they push everyone to take it making u feel like they are the only source of success…..when you are giving the best to us for free…you are truly an inspiration for all!

  10. This is the type of educational course I was looking for last 3 years. I am in crypto since mid of the 2016. I have made thousands with crypto without learning anything, but i needed something that could help to improve myself and to be better and more profitable. Thank you so much for being here with us, making such wonderful series and that will help us to take me to the next level.

  11. AK, Sir, What if you cycle between conscious states of persons 1 through 3 on almost a daily basis?! πŸ˜‰ Luckily, meditation and other spiritual practices are starting to make us all get along and work together more, which has really been improving my Fibonacci cycle predictions.

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