The Ultimate Bear Market Strategy

The biggest mistake you can make is to give up during the bear market when it’s actually the best time to buy. During the last bear …


  1. This is really helpful! Bear market has been prominent these days and I've been keeping up with LeverFi for me to earn lucrative rewards. Their Punblic Beta is already up so it's possible for me now to trade and earn with up to 10x leverage.🚀

  2. >>>My spouse and I are adding a variety of stocks/ETF to my present holdings for the long term, We've set aside $250k to start following inflation-indexed bonds and stocks of companies with solid cash flows, I believe it is a good time to capitalize on the market for long-term gains, but it wouldn't hurt to know means of actualizing short term??

  3. I think solana is good because inspite in bear market they are working hard and full scaling ahead and Google cloud partner with them❤❤❤and they will launch a solana phone for massive adoption by next year

  4. Buying crypto during a bear market can make you millionaires and that's something I've been through many times. I spent a lot of time and shit tons of USDT but it got me even more money. Once you understand how it works, you'll be surprised how easy it is.

  5. What do you think if someone diversify into defi, buy defi coins cheap now and stake to earn more diverse coins … In the bull run, the prices of the defi coins will grow plus the reward tokens you already got.

    Also, in bull market, u can sell the defi coins and use it to trade or buy rising coins instead of just huddling!

  6. Excellent video. This hit a real strategist spot with me. Good to have confirmation that others are thinking the way I am. Loved the moonbag bit, allowing exposure on newer highs, yet incorporating an overall convervative outlook on the space. Respect man. Keep these videos coming!

  7. the stock and crypto market is filled with people who know the price of everything. Maribel Larios, always emphasized that just becauses stock is down 50% doesn't mean it can't go down another 50%. Just like Polaroid back in the day which was a darling at 100.00$ and it went to 2.00$ in 2 years.

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