The Simplest 4-Hour Chart Forex Strategy You'll Ever Find

Looking for a Forex strategy that is simple and easy to follow? Look no further. In this video, Andrew Lockwood is going to share …


  1. Hi. I've been watching the naked strategy on the daily chart. I wondered when the best time to review the chart was to look at placing entries? I assumed it would be around 21:00 / 22:00 hours UK time when the candles close for the day? Thanks

  2. I use similar strat but my entries are based on Fibs, then my SL and TP don't use ATR. Also I use 1D and 1W to see the bias. Got 1:4RR recently. 4H TF is good for people who has day jobs.

  3. Sir, Trading with supply & demand method on 4 H charts, is it better that the area have additional confirmation with MTF fractals. Even if S/D area gets respected OR rejected, market can still whip saw in the area & trader can still lose. Do you recommend sticking with 4H,/Daily chart S/D levels for trend direction OR is that not necessary. Market makers in forex also play their liquidity harvesting to pick pockets around these levels. We need your wisdom.Thanks.

  4. Are you actually profitable with this. I honestly think trading is just a trap to lose money. Done it for ages now and nothing I tried works for more than a month or so of profits then given all back.

  5. Love this strategy I also use it. I draw support and resistance on 4hr time frames, and I enter on smaller time frames. Thanks for your videos they give me confidence when trading.

  6. Hi @ all, can some one explain why entering the trade with a 5pips distance to the closing candle, why not directly after the closing of the engulfin ore pin bar candle?

  7. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  8. There's something unique with retail trading, institutional traders mostly start losing money after switching to retail trading.

  9. Sir,Do you use or recommend auto support/resistance indicators & if so what time frame S/R levels to execute intraday orders in forex. For What time frames S/R–I would think it should be 1H or 4H time frame S/R. One hour is short enough but still meaning full enough–and it it better to use 15 minute chart to watch how price reacts at A given S/R level ?. Sir,Thank you .

  10. Sorry for my question, talking about stocks, how do you set your entry point as we don't use pips? Would be a % of the closing price of the candle? So, my question is, in the stock market, how can pip's can be translate? Thanks!

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