The Shocking Link Between Bitcoin & Time! #bitcoin #money #shorts

From Jack Mallers’ talk at Bitcoin Atlantis 2024, he reveals the mind blowing relationship Bitcoin shares with time and how Satoshi …


  1. Sounds like Bullshxt to me. Most miners use cheap Bitmain Ant Chinese server systems that have system clocks and run a modified Linux OS with the Bitcoin software. Every miner's system in the network of ~15000 miner's servers have their own clocks and ledgers. Tell me more about the magic Bitcoin time!

  2. Ten year from now and most likely sooner, everyone’s going to say why didn’t I just listen to Rick. Bitcoin or for me more so MSTR Microstrategies books which gone from fiat currency to bitcoin. Also these miners made big moves in 2023

  3. The halfing is the epoch. The effects of the halfing is from now on is getting serious, its from now in getting rare, it is only slightly through its expansion. Only 4 halfing in, we are early, imagine getting into the gold rush only 14 years in, we are early

  4. Bitcoin just takes the time from the miners… The timestamps in the blocks are used to adjust the difficulty and reach 10 min. The 10 min is the time between the time stamps the miner reads from his own clock

  5. Bitcoin failed – “do not miss understand for making money on bitcoin”. It was created to not be controlled and separate from markets gov etc and to be used as currency. It will be controlled by the gov and it is not a currency. Simple fact: when you think of a dollar you think what you can buy for it. When you think of Btc you think of how many dollars it is worth . Current state

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