The Secret to Price Action

This little trick will absolutely change the way you look at charts. If you learned something new, leave a like! My private …


  1. hahaha well i guess we're all gonna be millionaires now hashtag beat the banks its that simple no need for context or any of that nonsense lets just do this yay go team

  2. You could just say the same thing about the curve previous to the first one breaking the top. Remember that line is continuous. There’s no way to tell. And if it’s hit the top it’s too late to buy the curbed price.

  3. I’ve traded almost everyday for the past five years..the best working strategies are out there kept secret..if my strategy is really working, the last thing I would do is put it on YouTube for the market manipulators to watch it then start manipulating my point is…stop looking for strategies on YouTube cos non of them works and go watch the market for yourself..I promise it won’t be long until something hits you..and when you find that something keep it a secret

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