The SEC and CFTC need to write joint crypto trading platform standards, says fmr. CFTC commissioner

Timothy Massad, former Commodity Futures Trading Commission chairman, joins ‘TechCheck’ to discuss designating virtual …


  1. Your explanation is realistic and straight to the point. On the other hand there are many ways of manipulating the market, I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but i was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market , all that changed when i encountered Trent Hart's strategy and daily signals my portfolio took a positive turn to 9 BTC from 2.5 BTC . Therefore more emphasis should be put into bitcoin day trading as it Is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market.

  2. Over the past 30 days RBIF has increased by more than 400%, which is quite impressive during a downtrend. And soon RBIF will have an AMA at Binance and the price will increase even more

  3. Gotta remember that this time around the pump we had was not as big as other times. So the drop may not be as bad this time around too. It would make sense as well. That being said, Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise 16 btc from day-trade with Susan Alice kokat in few weeks..

  4. Crypto and Bitcoin will move out of the US taking the technology with it. Russia would be a better place to develope. The US is not fit to do business in of any kind anymore. The SEC never developed any regulations, ever. Gensler is a liar.

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