The PERFECT Beginner FLUX NODE for Home Crypto Miners

In today’s video we get our hands on the Seeed Studios SenseCap M4 Square Flux Node. In this video we UnBox our Flux Node, …


  1. Great video! Just got my SenseCAP today. I'm a bit familiar with Zelcore and deployed mine with no problem. I knew what to expect because of this video! Thanks for creating!!

  2. How do you send flux? I have the Flux for a node in the Zel wallet what part of the wallet should these flux be to form the node? mine in "income" wallet mode? Thanks

  3. A couple of things you and they missed is some of the details. You can't start the node until you get "100" + conformations of your 1000 flux transaction. Also there is another guy with a video on how to install the watchdog to get alerts from discord. You can view the web gui of your flux node and see your benchmark details using your local ip of the node.port number. And of course if you get lost. The flux team on discord is very helpful.

  4. Great video! Thanks for the walk through! It would be interesting to do a video comparing different ways to accumulate Flux: Buy, Mine, Run a Node, Store in Titan, and show the results of each. Maybe a set amount 1000 Flux or a certain $ amount. It would be good for new members of the community. You could include a delayed ROI component saying if Flux is $X what would be the results in the next bull market or just use the ATH.

  5. I think the "missing step" might be related to Android vs iPhone app? Found a few other installs and they could all copy/paste straight from Zelcore mobile on that step (might be wrong; trying to set up and work at the same time. I'll have to finish up later hahaha).

  6. i think you are pushing a unit unnecessarily out there , because they gave you one for free. Wow such a bad product , when all people have to do is setup a vm or virtual box on the computer for free and they are up and going. You really need to stop shillings shit products. That's the main reason people need to stop watching youtubers that push bad products.

  7. THM congratulations 🎊 getting it going, sweet looking unit..

    However to be honest I don’t see it any better than doing it on a mini PC, honestly it takes me only 35min to setup each of my Flux node using mini PC .. yes 35min! to speed up the process all I do is download the latest blockchain bootstrap into the flux install folder on the node, so that sync step only takes 6-8min,

    Also when doing the install via the menu CLI it tells you all the steps so you don’t waste time waiting, all I can honestly say about that unit it looks very cool, and a ok price, my Mini PC only cost $90 on eBay with the proper CPU and RAM, over size SSD purchased separately for $40, all in $130 per mini PC and 30-35min setup.

  8. my mining rig has been boot looping since I came back from holidays. Nothing changed since I left except to turn it off. I unplugged all risers, leaving only my mobo, psu, ram and SSD but it still does that. any idea why?

  9. yes ut the problem is the flux will be halving at feb 4th 2023 and the nodes will earn pennies. if the flux doesnt recover at price wit this rate you cant even ROI that litte PC :d lol anyway i can do big node with a 12500 flux but i choose to not involve on that as i think i like to lock in when or if its worth my while to lock all that flux in.

  10. Neat unit, but as someone who knows nothing about networking, nodes, etc.. I would like to see a more user friendly interface & setup
    Once I mine 650 more Flux, maybe it'll be fixed, and I'll buy one…

  11. Nice video – hopefully feedback will be acted on and Seeed can smooth it out. For multiple nodes on one IP on home networks it could get challenging. UPnP can be unpredictable on stock ISP routers.

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