The Only Day Trading Video You Should Watch… (Full Course: Beginner To Advanced)

Training: Traders have to understand day trading before they …


  1. Soon the world capital of mining will be China, but in the meantime it is more reliable to make money on Crypton, as it is very profitable to mine in the Utopia p2p ecosystem.

  2. Hey bro, I am already watching the markets for a few years now without trading actively. I would like to start now with money on the spot market first. Whats the least ammount I should start with? I don't expect a lot of money, just some pocket money.. for me its more about trying out different strategies and so on..

  3. I must commend the creator of this content it is well arranged and just what the society demands.recently, I've been quite unsure about investing in this volatile crypto market and at the same time I feel it's a good time to buy at discount, heard some guy speaking of making over $850k, he bought during the 2020 pandemic crash, and I'm driven to ask what skillet is required to predict the market correct, or is it mere luck?

  4. I am as green as they come, and this video was simple too understand. I will be ordering your training course very, very soon and will immerse myself in it!! Time to use that "Monopoly" while learning before breaking our the real greenbacks!!!

  5. Ich bin froh, dass ich damals mit Kryptowährungen begonnen habe, weil es für mich ein Wendepunkt war und dank der Welt der Kryptowährungen meine bisher beste Entscheidung war

  6. What broker do you use? I saw on one of your vids you were able to change your stop loss and take profits from simply dragging your take profit line on the chart. Was curious what broker or others have that function

  7. This was brilliantly put together. I’ve been following your videos for months now and with professional help, I’m making outstanding progress with my trades.

  8. Making money is not the same as keeping it there is a reason why investments aren't well taught in schools, the examples you gave are well stationed, the market crisis gave me my first millions, people shy away from hard times, I embrace them.. well at least my advisor does lol

  9. Some great tips. One way I find journals and screenshots useful — I've just been using this weekend to review some trades from early January 2022, 13 months ago. I look at those screenshots and, as my skills and knowledge evolves, I can see many more favorable entries (as I used to be biased for looking for counter-trend divergence entries). It helps me improve my results.

  10. Hi, want to say thank you for this video, it really helped to understand what to do at the beginning, but my main question still in my head not answered. How to find what to trade on Monday or Tuesday or whenever, how to find a good stock/forex/metal to trade on that day???

  11. Somebody could guide me how to connect Tradingview to Metatrader 5? I will take a FTMO challenge and I see most of traders use it. Do I need pay for Tradingview? Do I need to open a bróker account? Please, guide me, I'm lost.

  12. Im 47 is it too late for me to start trading? trade for pleasure via paper trading now as a beginner. My trade approach of choice is price action following a top down method, looking first at direction via 1 hour chart, behavior via 15 minute chart looking for SL/SH, HH, LL, pullback’s support and resistance. Then if opportunity presents look for entry on 5 minute chart. Place stop at most recent low and take profits at most recent high level most cases 2 to 1. The only indicators I keep on chart are MA cross and volumes for added levels of confirmations and trend/reversal identification.

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