The Only Break and Retest Trading Strategy You Will Ever Need… (Beginner to Advanced in One Video)

Today, we are talking all about the breakout and retest pattern. In this video, I will be sharing my favorite 3 breakout and retest …


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  2. Hello sir, I'm very enjoying your videos, keep doing great so👍🏻, and please I've a question, do you have any channel or group in telegram or Facebook or in other platforms, that you're giving signals for buy or sell on the forex market?

  3. I don't get what differentiates between the bullish and bearish examples for the consolidation strategy. Is it just dependent on how many touches happen on the support and resistance zones?

  4. Man thanks alot for showing the loosing trade- I once saw an ascending triangle and then the market went bearish. So I thought I learned the wrong thing – (I'm a newbie). Thanks a bunch.

  5. This used to be my Achilles’ heel in my training. For some odd reason breakout training gave me the most problems and the rest test was even worse. I wish I would’ve seen your video before. This was perfectly said perfectly done. Really enjoyed it. Even knowing breakout trading now this video give great insight on how it all works.

    Awesome video. Excellent work. Thank you for what you’re doing!

  6. Bruh…I know this video is a over a year old, but it's hands down the best one I've watched as of now. I was looking for an explanation of retesting and got much more than I was searching for! Thanks 😁

  7. Amazing vid as always, but I peeped the watch "wardrobe" change lol. It's irrelevant af but I had to mention it lol. Both were good looks btw 🙌🏾💪🏾😂

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