The ONLY 5-Step SMC Strategy You Need In 2023 | (EASY Winning Trades)

How I mastered this trading strategy: Here’s the Five Step Process to taking …


  1. Thanks a Jea you're actually making trading look so simple, just the way you analyze it😊.
    Please do help us by zooming out a bit so we could be seeing those imbalance in supply and demand zones. Stay safe 💞

  2. 1. Anyone that uses the term 'easy' when it comes to trading is full of s**t?!

    2. Anyone making more money from teaching how to trade than actually trading is full of s**t?!

    2. Anyone who has a main job other than trading is not a professional trader and is most likely full of s**t?!

    93% of traders fail! Fail because of the mistakes you make not because you followed the mistakes of others?!

  3. The only issue I see with this scenario you have imbaclance on the up side and down side. I have price wick down to the imblance to blow past your SL and go in the driection of your analysis

  4. Good video. Good insight. Some of the things, I feel, needs to be explained a little bit more in depth. I do not catch 100% why the trade would return there, instead of going further before a reversal.

  5. Thanks for the video! Have been trying the strategy out and have been getting a better win rate.

    Just one question if you dont mind, i keep missing trades when they enter my zones that ive been waiting on the entire day. Basically once price enters my zone, i drop down to a lower timeframe to wait for a CHoCH, then set a limit entry.. But price frequently just shoots up and leaves the zone entirely without a retracement even on the lower timeframe.

    Would you have a solution for this? Someone had suggested that i switch to risk entries instead of confirmation entries, should i do that?

  6. Could you make a video of live trading and comment on it? It shows well in retrospect because we can see the graph. I think such a video would be very beneficial.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. WOW! You are the best youtuber on forex trading, I started watching your videos yesterday and all the results are positive… I feel I have gotten so much knowledge from your analysis, you are the real pro. Too much love from UGANDA😍😍 I can't thank you enough..

  8. Honesty its very excellent appoach awesome strategy besides.Thx for sharing .My only hesitation is 4 H is very high TF to every conditions in aline .We camake 3-to4 months for only one setup and if only one condition doesnt fit .We havent got anything left.But I wanna say again wonderful strategy.

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