The Most Likely Ethereum Killer

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  1. eth changing to pos won't suddenly bring the fees down, it'll just make it nicer to the environment. Sharding is the one that'll make the fees down. I don't think it'll come at the same time as pos though.

  2. Hi Max, great video! I was wondering if you could share your sources for the data you presented? I would like to dive deep on some of the presented aspects of your analysis. 😉

  3. And none of them are, what Pulse Chain is. A FULL system state fork of Ethereum, with proof of stake change, n basically no fees. None of these will be king, bcuz Pulse Chain will be, and either you know that, and wont shill it til it launches cuz u sac'd, or jus not so great at ur job. I dont think its the second one. And you prob sac'd for Pulse, like all the other crypto youtubers, So… Yea. Pointless vid. Ppl only care about gains. Yall out here shilling em shit while ur sittin on gold, it's so dishonest, man. And u cant use the "its not launched yet, so no metrics" thing, either. It isnt even mentioned, that's not by mistake. An honorable mention at the least, for being a first of its kind EVER solution to eth's serious gas issues, AND its destructive elements.. Its like yall want ppl out here gettin rekt.

  4. Indeed great content very informative learned new things however I think the real ETH killer is going to be the PulseChain it will be launched in couple of weeks with world largest free airdrop to those who hold any ERC20 tokens in their Metamask wallet I am really bullish.

  5. How can Wanchain get some more momentum Max? They have the most secure bridge tech and big partnerships plus working hard, what do they need to do?

  6. Watch Reef, a very undervaluated project with a huge community, IDO coming soon,reef card coming and also NFT's .
    I personally see it in the top 20 cryptos next year.

  7. Have to say imo you’re wrong about BNB, it’s lacking in capability of ETH-like adoption as its based overseas and not easily buyable in the US. Also considering crypto regulation in asia is strict, BNB NEEDS the US to flip ETH. I’d say AVAX/FTM/ADA and some others have more of a chance. But yea if ETH 2.0 doesn’t fix a lot of the big issues idc how many ppl are die hard fans, it’s gonna lose it’s top spot FAST. Only reason it got far is cus it changed the crypto game, but as other cryptos are catching up and at much cheaper. costs with better scalability, it can soon be overthrown.

  8. Vitalik is a snake who was a co creator of shiba inu.

    Coin bureau showed us in his June 2021 shiba inu video. He shows us the pics ryoshi posted himself of vitalik walking a shiba inu dog with the shib team in 2019

    Vitalik hated doge was more popular than eth. Vitalik says that in his lex fridman shiba inu talk. 20min of vitalik stuttering and folding his arms talking shib but trying his very best to avoid talking shib. He talked doge more.

    I can see vitalik having a god complex for etherium and he would pull sketchy to try and get more eth wallets opened.

    If the people want 💩 coins. Meme tokens then we'll give the worst 💩 coin to ever hit coinbase.

  9. Say what you want about bnb, they have a clear advantage in attracting new users and the biggest warchest, although centralized cz does a good job IMO, I think there is a future for both centralized and decentralized chains just don’t put all your eggs in one basket

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