The Most Accurate Buy Sell Signal Indicator in TradingView – 100% Profitable Scalping Strategy

Trade with World Top Broker And Enjoy Exclusive Benefits. 1) In this video, I’m going to …


  1. I am impressed by this indicator – it seems too good to be true! As I have been looking for a reliable tool for my scalping strategies, I think this could be a game-changer for my trading journey. I am excited to try it out and see how it performs in real time. Thank you for sharing this valuable tool with me.

  2. See, I really love the strategy overall, nice and amazing profits but only in terms of entry. You do not show when to exit and if there is no exit strategy then it's completely useless. If it will have a nice exit strategy setup also than Traders are definitely going to smash it.

  3. @PowerofTradingStrategies I just now saw this video and for me it was awesome.
    I d the following questions while viewing this video. Kindly answer:
    1) Can this be used on all the Commodites as well?- Pls answer.

    2) How to manage if any news quickly changes an entered position in the opposite direction?-Pls tell more.

    3) How to identify and manage fake signal?- Got the answer

  4. And yet, with this method, I've lost around 200usdt for ethereum perpetual over 1 hour range in trade simulator.

    *Trading View doesnt allow to add more than THREE indicator, although the indicators were free but the number of indicator you were plan to add wasn't free, it required you to upgrade your current plan from BASIC to Essential or more*

  5. FYI, to get all 3 conditions set is really hard, especially when it used in crypto market, specifically Ethereum. I followed as mentioned in video, and analysed the trend and conditions in Trading View, guess what? There were always only 2 conditions were met, sometime bearish/sell under ema 200 line but macd shows green, sometimes bearish/sell and macd shows red but above ema 200, make it hard to trade for either short or long

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