The Market Maker Trading Method

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  1. Thank you for the video but I am confused…why wouldn't you get out the first time it (wicked down) near the bottom of the fork? How would any trader know it would come back down a second time? Is it b/c it was a lower high when it went back up? Also it hangs around the middle of the pitchfork for a while..again how would you know it would come back down for a second time? And to sit through all that not fun…thoughts? Thank you!

  2. so look more closely i would say the short sellers were exploited first not the longs. because after the first rejection there is a lower high so i dont even think so many longs were there. I think more people looked for short. just after the shorts hit stop loss probably went long they were hit again together whit the later longs you talked about they were also busted. so this is not easy to trade on 1 hour i think its possible on shorter time frame. however its difficult to trade.

  3. but what about you just call it double or even triple top. that is why waiting for retest makes sense. i call it triangle top just for myself. Rejection is well known of TA and further more its a huge market portion EUR USD so needs more institutions to manipulate so. price adjustment and why should retail decide eur usd price? because they want to go long and earn some money? that would be interesting… so what you are talking about is not something magical you just overcomplicate a bit and give a touch of conspiration theory. they are parts of the market where manipulations are disgusting but not this instrument really.

  4. Precise and elegant in the construction of the APF at a key inflection point. Maybe add a dash of volume profile context to the recipe and you receive a Michelin 4.95 star rating for the exceptional quality of your analysis. TY for sharing your trading expertise with traders across the world on YT. The truth shall set us free on all levels from the market to higher spiritual planes.

  5. For me one of the most effective strategies. you want to ride the wave with the market makers and take their profits with you. Thank you for this clear and understanding explanation. The Pitchfork was a great new thing I take with me

  6. Hey bro i have been following and covering up all your videos
    you really have put in a lot of work, bought all your courses ๐Ÿ™‚
    can the market making strategy be applied in crypto markets ?
    and can all the which course would be best suitable for crypto ?
    thank you
    love the work that you do

  7. All traders, we are the market maker.. your order actually the market gas for moving so put your order carefully. When u see a large bearish or bullish cs, it means someone or bunch of people are in losing trade

  8. That is exactly the type of information I was looking for. MM's have many advantages over retail traders, so it is extreemely satisfying to uncover another of their trading strategies. Good work!

  9. i have a quick question. i trade the market maker strategy but i have never traded it on Sundays when the market opens because of alot of fakeouts. would you say that it doesn't work when the market opens? thanks in advance.

  10. Ed, when you said โ€œthis type of market makerโ€ , you mean that probably behind this movement there is a โ€œsmall whaleโ€ due to the fact that the pips movement is โ€œsmallโ€ ? Because Iโ€™ve always heard that market maker know where are all the orderds. Can you clarify me this concept please ?

  11. Isn't that entry totally against the (strong upward) trend? I've been burnt a lot doing this.
    Of course the double top and MM manipulation are a strong indication, but still. Also, the lower wick of that candle indicates some buying pressure, in addition to that strong trend. Isn't your conclusion of "it will go down" a bit too early in this example? The line work is perfect (of course), but the argument in real-time would seem a bit too early. – Don't you think?

    However, I think the next fractal candle (that touches the frequency line) would have been a strong indication, because it happens in a good supply zone (which you outlined) and AFTER that big red candle and break of that (not really) "support" at 1,855.
    At that time, the argument for a short would have been a lot stronger and 'more matured' – and a speculative SL above that entry (fractal) candle could be tried for vastly better R/R.

    Of course, I wouldn't have traded this like I just described it.
    Just a little hindsight bias / analysis, I am never mocking, just asking questions to improve. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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