The Easiest Scalping Strategy For Day Traders #daytrading


  1. I am curious what your strike rate data looks like when using a break out entry at the "turn" versus a stop entry covering the entire pullback (leg B), as I can imagine some false breaks on leg B could cause some L's – would be curious to know

  2. Made over 5k this week buying a heavily shorted stock multiple times that had good news come out. On every pullback, almost a given shorts would exit pushing the stock pips higher.

  3. Everyone is scalping leaving orders left unfilled untill it's no longer worth buying. Long terms are all peaked out every time you go to buy and don't see a +% till over a month…

    I learned stock market from video games. Trends and what I learned is all the same, but god damn the time frame is different.

    1 minute in game equates to 1 entire lifetime.

    Not to mention the % fluctuation is miniscule in real stocks…

    If you need me, I'll be charging double and playing gta5

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