The easiest platform for cryptocurrency trading. Stormgain

We continue the topic of cryptocurrency trading and study new exchanges and trading platforms. Today we’ll learn about a very interesting platform, which acts …


  1. Please note that your account is blocked. You have another active account in Stormgain, according to the Agreement, it is forbidden to have 2 active accounts for one client. Please use your first account, other ones will not be unblocked, also, you can not delete this account or register a new one once again.

    There will be no further discussion of your request. Fuking idiots two Acount for what stupid scam company!

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  4. Hey! Thanks for the video.
    Do you maybe know why all the graphs in Stormgain are off? For example my BTC/TETHER graph says that BTC has been down to $5000 one week ago, which is not true.. so do you know what's going on?

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