the CORRECT way to trade using CHOCH ( Change Of Character )

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  1. Amazing video, A friend of mine referred me to a financial adviser sometime ago and we got talking about investment and money. I started investing with $120k and in the first 2 months , my portfolio was reading $274,800. Crazy right!, I decided to reinvest my profit and gets more interesting. For over a year we have been working together making consistent profit just bought my second home 2 weeks ago and care for my family.

  2. Полностью автоматическая программа, торгует акции Tesla на D1. Открытие и закрытие сделок, автоматический расчёт стопа и тейка, калькуляция лота. Риск на сделку – 2%, период тестирования – 2 года.
    A fully automatic program that trades Tesla shares on D1. Opening and closing of deals, automatic calculation of Stop Loss and Take Profit, lot calculation. The risk per transaction is 2%, the testing period is 2 years.

  3. Amazing video, the one I’ve been trying to find. Someone taking the time and going in depth with it. Only thing for me was a tad bit swift. Dropped it back to x.75 speed and it was perfect! Thank you! Subscribing now

  4. So valuable video and I think, if we will combine Flips with the CHoCH , then it could be a super effective in terms of win rate. Now I am backtesting it.

  5. Hello,

    First of all thanks for posting this amazing content, it's really helpfull. After thinking a bit about the content and check some charts, I've some questions that I would like to ask you:

    – I'm always late to the ChoCh, how can I do it to not miss them? Put price alerts on Tradingview? how you do it?

    – Should I always take swing lows o highs to look for ChoCh? I ask because in a accumulation phase or even in 15min or 1h tf you can see lot of them together so it's like I'm not sure which one to take.

    Thanks for your time!

  6. I notice that I don't see a defined hl that structure breaks but just a group sg candles that is either moving sideways or minor hl,I see once that is broken youbuse that as choc as well

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