The color of a candle does not matter.❌ #forex #smc #liquidity #daytradingtips #daytrader


  1. The color of a candle does not matter.❌

    What changes is what stands behind the candle.❗

    The candle shows us who has the power.💪

    Buyers or Sellers.📈📉

    Every candle has a meaning.📚

    🔹where does it start ?

    🔹how it closes ?

    🔹with wick ?

    🔹Without wick ?

    🔹Breaks structure ?

    🔹Does not break structure ?

    🔹A sequence of candles ?

    🔹Single candles ?

    The list goes on………..

    I'm writing this and grinning to myself… it's a shame that I wasn't told these things a few years ago, I had to experience it in my own flesh.❤️‍🩹

    But hard work pays off in the end.💯💪

    A lot of hard work and practice.🤓💼

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