The Best Scalping Strategy To Make $500 a Day Trading

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  1. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. To be successful one has to have multiple income streams and so on, also investors should understand the crossover between asset classes & liquidity flow. Ann Elizabeth Messer focuses on Multi-asset trading, a single strategy to manage risk, profit, and the code or the actual decision-making across multi-asset classes. Her skills set is top notch

  2. This is great. I also added a 200 candle moving average and only trade is its both above the MA and VWOP are above. slightly fewer trades, but much higher success rate. Thanks!

  3. I dont understand if the 3 candles before it changes need to be consistently above each other, or they can be smaller and bigger as long as they are all the same colour. Also, is there anywhere I can find lots of examples of this method, thanks.

  4. i used your strategy as the base however I improved it and out of 10 trades I only loose about 2, it works like a charm thank you so much

  5. I actually lost 4k trying to use this strategy. There's a thing called fake out and it happens all the time when you try to predict the moving average with candlesticks like this.

  6. Thank you for your wisdom. What do you consider a small pullback. How many candles is that? I tried this strategy with pullback that contained 9 candles and it did not work. Also that first candle with flat bottom, how big it should be to consider to start a trade? Does size matter for first candle? Thank you in advance.

  7. Your videos were great!! I'm one of your viewers and have been watching your videos lately. I would like to invest, but I still can't find the right investment to commit to. I will appreciate any help here.

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