The BEST 1 Minute Trading Scalping Strategy with TradingView BACKTEST!

BEST 1 Minute Scalping Strategy with TradingView BACKTEST! For crypto, forex, gold and Stocks! Crypto exchange I use: …


  1. Yo what!!! I have been back testing this for 10 days now it is my 82th trade and I kid you not, I have a win rate of 79% and I have been back testing GJ pairs and London session!!! idk if I should be relying on this strategy but I will be back testing more and more for a few months and if it remains profitable, I will try to demo it. Thank You Switch Stats for such an easy strategy hopefully it works! if I Have my current win rate in long run then this by far could be the best scalping strategy. 😭

  2. Ngl, just backtested this on XRPUSDT and SHIBUUSDT and this strategy is doing wonders 😭 I’ll lost 1 then win 3-5 40%+ plays. Try this out. Also, I wait for the second candle after breakout! Idk, seems to be working great!

  3. @4:45 you discuss the situation where there is a green candle trading above the indicator line and the indicator line has turned green indicating an upturn but you said that since the DI lines crossed over earlier than the other indicators it would be a situation where we wouldn't trigger a buy. Do all of these conditions have to trigger at the same time or is it okay that they just exist that the same time?

  4. Okay, but this was backtested with what type of fee schedule because I know it changes everything from experience. The results of backtesting are not always what it seems. and why you have to change back your atr to 1.5 when you want to backtest further. This should not be required if it works, it has to work always.

  5. I saw other distributors offering the same strategy.

    It's a pretty good strategy for sure, but bulltrading indicator has repaints from time to time!

  6. nice ! your potential seems timeless.* Understanding your financial needs and chalking out a plan remains the smart way to prepare for the unexpected. 2yrs in investing space and extremely pleased with the decision made. The good news is – it's not too late

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