The 3 Outcomes Of Investing In Cryptocurrency – The Canadian Debt Bubble

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  1. l am one of the Victims. At first, the software seemed to be really professional and authentic I found many favorable reviews about its performance and delivered results. So, I decided to invest in it and try to achieve success in the online trading sphere. Soon, I realized that the software was swallowing all my investments. Brokers are nothing more than a dangerous and fraudulent platform. I invested over $ 140,000 and couldn't withdraw my money, months passed and still nothing So, I reached out to Peter Harold to help me recover my funds, I have been able to recover $ 100,000 and the remaining $ 40,000 is in progress.

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  2. So many of my friends were invested in cryptos in November/December and they all tried to get me in on it and I was like damn 1,000 profit in a month, that’s nuts. But then I started seeing adds and stories on all my social media’s to invest in it and I knew someone was attempting to drive it up and get out before it popped so I sat back and watched and booom pop tanks in weeks and I just started daily watching it and waiting on it to flatten out or make a comeback and would watch that to see if I could see patterns developing to see what it would do after the pop before I invested my money it, glad I did instead of jumping on the crypto investment craze

  3. i have tried to find a video that gives basics about investing I mean from scratch its 2018 and everybody eyes opened up about investing in stocks.there is not enough information on the basics …………………. compounding, mutual fund, dividends, index funds. I'm 26 years old and don't know anything about nothing when it comes to investing is there a book or a link u might share that can help me because every video I watch seems too advanced for me and its discouraging.

  4. Crypto currencies like ethereum have a lot of utility because of the applications that will be built on them. Payroll services are extremely expensive. Coins like IOTA provide free transactions using tangle and it is programmable. Imagine how many transactions a company could possibly have, and imagine if I told you, you didn’t need approval from a bank(time) and no fees (visa charges 2-3%). For company efficient, that is insane.

    As a currency, cryptocurrency transaction prices are high because the scaling is not quite there. However, vitalik buterin is working towards technologies that would scale it up to a million transactions a second which is 200x faster than visa.

    It also has a higher utility since it reached up to a billion more people since all you need is an internet connection. Many non first world countries do not have access to financial services. Imagine you are in a country like Venezuela which has had over 4000% inflation.

    As an investment, look at coins that have proof of stake rather than proof of work. These coins like NEO provide a dividend between 4-6% depending on the day. This money also comes in every 20 seconds.

    However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, the infrastructure does not justify the prices in my opinion. Institutional money is starting to enter the space is the first time retail investors have gotten in before institutional investors. However, the money in my opinion is the end points of something like ethereum much like how the internet has no value except for the websites that have been built on it.

  5. So sad how fellow humans don't want fellow humans to be financially free and self sufficient. How could you like the Government slavery of making you use a currency. We are moving away from all forms of slavery. Crypto is a sign, its just sad how some people can't see the truth.

  6. What's putting my mind on overload are all the dozens upon dozens of new ico alt coins that can be purchased with BTC & ETH. It's strange to imagine a world where there are coins dedicated to only specific financial sectors.

  7. An uber AI driven Tesla car in a world where car crashes are unheard of & amazon packages are dropped off by a flying drone into your back yard & you recod the whole thing with your contact lense video recorder.

  8. I think cryptos will rise as a comidty until it becomes a practical utility in a decade or so (imagine paying for a Uber A.I. Driven car with cryptocurreny) . The future is going to be amazing.

  9. The inventor of BTC is Satoshi Nakamoto. He's Asian but American and from Silicon Valley in California. There's many theories about who he really is but this is the simplest explanation.

  10. bitcoin is not in a bubble only 1% of people are in it unlike stocks and bonds. one reason bitcoin is going up is people in the east are buying it and sending them to their family bypassing the banking system all together. It is cheaper for them to buy and send a bitcoin then wire the money home.

  11. Idk what will happen on the public whim with cryptos, but they have a lot going for them to distinguish from other investments. Learn about blockchain technology. Invest in blockchain companies of all types.

    Check the video The Metaphysics of Cryptocurrency makes a lot of these good points

  12. I'm Italian I can confirm, shipping estimated delivery for basically anything on Amazon is next week.
    Not a big deal though the sales are bad, nothing interesting.

  13. The more I learn about stocks, block chain and money, the more bullshit the system seems to me, just seems like I can make my own currency and become rich like the others that have done it before us 😡😡

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