The 2022 Market Crash – Why is Everything Down?

I wanted to take some time to address the recent market correction, and how investors should handle the current downturn.


  1. Your videos are some of the best available for novices like me. But it's not just investors, many qualified people are also way too overconfident.

    The index fund salesmen pretending to be "common sense" financial advisors love to claim they're using "evidence" and "science", but they clearly have no scientific training. In fact, it appears they got their science education from Matt Damon in The Martian. That sounded real science-y.

    What good is going to a professional in an industry where even the idea of evidence-based analysis has become nothing more than a worthless, empty marketing slogan? It's seems way too risky.

  2. Climate change is fake, and I don't think they will let you go on YouTube unless you mention how climate change is somehow effecting your subject. If your showing making cookies you better mention climate change for some reason.

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  6. The "supply chain kinks" are honestly far worse than most people realise or more likely, want to admit.
    We're not just talking production delays or increased costs, we're talking entire supply chains collapsing with product runs being significantly reduced or at worst, disappearing entirely from the market. We're talking global famine for a minimum of a few years until the resulting amount of deaths stabilises against the recovery. We're talking entire industries that rely on a specific resource that is only produced at scale in one country entering a downsizing and hibernation as workers are laid off and production halted indefinitely because that country is a war zone.

    Even if we took steps to address it right now and were able to succeed, it would be years before that would make a difference.

    We're in a period of multipolarity in our world that we haven't experienced since the hottest periods of the cold war, the bill of damage for the disruptions to global supply from 2020-22 has come due, vital economic inputs are disrupted simultaneously (food, fertilisers, petrochemicals, metals and gases) as a result of Russia's aggression in Ukraine (which takes Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asian key resources off international markets such as potash, neon, crude, natural gas etc) China's internal collapse as a result of the Sinovax being inadequete against COVID variants and their disasterous version of a zero-COVID policy which has crushed the regional GDP and citizens of Shanghai and many other cities in the PRC and even non-aligned countries choosing to or otherwise being made to prevent exports of their own products under the guise of national security.

    It is pure delusion for anyone to think this is a problem that will go away this year or indeed any year soon.

  7. I think of this as a discount because i know im investing in the long term. I did do a slight rebalance for one portfolio as a single fund had made 100% and i wanted to reinvest those gains. The week after the fund was down 10%, so i did well in that regard of greed/fear. I am currently more concerned with income than assets.

  8. This time inflation will become I think stagflation.. the cause this time is not because of excess money 💰 it’s the massive falls in production. That includes people sitting on their couches “working from home”.
    Governments have been printing money like it’s gone out of fashion for 10 years. Sadly it’s ended up in equities which business have not invested with.
    I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ Economists don’t know anything.. we just comment on Hindsight.

  9. Hi thanks for teaching a lot about market. Through listening to your videos I have become more interested in finance however I have difficulty understanding some terms that you use .can you recommend any books so that i can understand them better

  10. Hey man, sorry if this is already answered elsewhere in your channel, but i would love to have some recommendations of books or courses for people who want to learn more about your topics of expertise, i would love to learn more about stocks and economy but the amount of misinformation is so brutal that i don't know where to search. or what course to take, can you make a video with, top 5 or 10 books or courses you recommend?

  11. It’s significant that some people anchor on bad stocks that have gone down for a reason. Changed business environment, too much debt, poor management etc. I see a lot of anchoring in people around me and they have no idea at all, even when explained they fail to see their own trap. No one is immune though, however if you know the trap then it’s easier to avoid 😀

  12. Financial pyramid named USA economy now just collapsing because all resources it can possibly grab it already grabbed. Without constant expasion in amounts of good production that formes commodity (products that are absolutly needed for life and production of luxury goods like smartphones but have artificially low prices) (the ground and lower levels of this structure like Latin America or China) there can be no future for financial pyramid.
    Now noone trust in such "economy" thus we see outflaw of commodity from it. And will see inevitable downfall of this bubble.

  13. I don't think there will be a crash. We're nearing the bottom of the correction. The situation looks similar to 2014, when people were panicking and saying the largest crash was coming, but it turned out to be just a minor correction. There is so much money on the market that there is no risk institutions are going to remove it from exchange markets.

  14. Interest rate hikes hurt the market because so many big investors just borrowed money at basically 0% interest, and dumped it into the market for easy gains. This is obvious market manipulation too!! You don't talk about important stuff, man. Dig deeper, please!

  15. Honestly, you and others with similar channels should have seen the massive crypto frauds coming. They are all Ponzi schemes. I saw it a year ago, and you didn't?? How is that possible??? Don't be so open minded your brain falls out!!!

  16. The visual behind you is "Plain & Simple", yet your channel name is "The Plain Bagel". From a brand awareness and recall perspective, suggest you fix that disconnect to make one faithfully follow the other. 😊

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