The 200 EMA Confluence Trading Strategy You’ve Been Waiting For

Confluence trading is when there is more than one signal, coming together at the same point in the market. Discover a secret …


  1. u mention something about waiting for the price to retest to the 200 ema line here at 13:43 , but the price didn't touch the channel and the zone. applying 20 or 50 ema, it touches it tho. so any thoughts on uses of 20 or 50 ema on the chart? i'm new to trading.

  2. I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE THIS CHANNEL. I will try this. I have been fighting with 20EMA and no stop losses. I'll try this on both the 15 minute and 5 minute. THANK YOU!

  3. 200 MA is my absolute fav. I have used tonnes of Indicators in past 4 years and 200MA has been the most reliable so far. You can use it for all sorts of trading. This strategy is very straightforward. Thanx for that. I would definitely try this out.

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