TERRA LUNA VOTE RIGGED!? URGENT Message For LUNA UST Holders ✓ Join the Discord Server and Patreon Fam: Know …


  1. Thas asshole does not wish to spend the 80BTC to solve this shit. Luna can be safed, the lquidity is there. Tell me what u want, but the 80k BTC are not gone!

  2. If I have 6 million luna then I get 6 million votes . I do not think these people understand it's not 1 vote per person, its 1 vote per token

  3. Is that 56 million people or is that 56 million luna? I thought u got x votes depending on how much Luna u hold. Web3 is Mob rule not democratic. Unless with luna is 1 vote oer unique wallet address?

  4. 절대사지마세요 속지마세요 토큰하나 더만들고 에어드랍하고 자긴 최선을다했다하고 법을 피해하기위해 발버둥 치고있는겁니다

  5. Anyone who spent more than a few hundred dollars in Luna AFTER the crash, doesn’t deserve any compensation. It was the risky trade in crypto ever.

  6. This is a rigged vote. LGF doesn't take responsibility for the damages they have caused. The UST and LUNA are doing fine now. All they have to do is reimburse the UST holders (0.50 of $1). This gives their UST value of 0.60 to the UST HODL. They can also burn $1bill LUNA! Instead, They are creating a new chain to scam people again. Their first scam, Percents go to DEVs.

  7. I juat hope it dosnt go back up before end if the month as im. Waiting my pay to gwt $300 of luna as I'm sure it be back up to $1 and i be a millionaires 😁💪

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