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  1. Hello all! God is blessing LUNA right at this moment. He knows EXACTLY what to do! Here is the burn wallet address for LUNA:

    Bless you!

  2. I wonder if it will happen that way. My Luna Coins were worth $25.5 million in April. Today, well, let's not talk about it. But I'm pretty relaxed about it.

  3. I’ve learned more about 🖕trading in the last 4 weeks From your platform then I’ve learned in the last 2 years from all else combined.. you are truly a blessing. Thanks you. I was able to raise over 4.2BTC when I invest at 0.4BTC in just few weeks implementing generate workings software and legitimate from your platform…

  4. 😊I am so happy my financial life has totally changed ever since I ventured into stock investment. I've been earning over $18,000 dollars every single week.

  5. This video reminds me so much of my 18 years old self, a boy with a desire of being wealthy . Having that mindset at a young age has been the strive which made me become successful. Now 50 years old with a house worth $1m , 2 McLaren 650S, and a $3m worth portfolio . Working for others day and night can't give you that billionaire dreams . No millionaire got there millions working for others . Building a good portfolio can be achieved by taking great risks , as no success is built without risks . Don't seat back waiting for an Angel to work miracles for you . Start a profitable Investment with the little Capital you have .

  6. The LUNA validators and whales collectively has prob 25% voting power in the governance protocol. It is in their interest to pass Plan 2.0 as their voting power and ownership of the ecosystem will be severely reduced, but it is in the interest of the community for them to burn the minted Luna as Luna would be truely decentralized and under the control of the ordinary people. Community should VETO Plan 2.0 until LFG agree to burn all minted Luna since the "attack". Luna Classic can live on as a meme coin and the Whales can rebuild Luna Defi ecosystem. COMMUNITY LOSES IF WE DONT ACT! VETO IN THE GOVERNANCE ON TERRA STATION!

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