1. I love the grounded reality of this channel… TA is all well and good but I find it truly baffling that all major crypto YouTubers just look at pure TA and completely ignore the bigger narrative of why BTC is pumping and why the future outlook might not be as rosy as it seems. It's kinda irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peaks of BTC. We were already on shaky footing with historically low volume and almost pure whale pumps, narrowly avoiding a long-term bear market. This is the worst possible time in history to invest as so many don't back up their crypto assets. More emphasis should be put on day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. I have made over 1.8btc from day trading with Barton William’s insights and signals in less than 2 weeks, this is one of the best mediums to backup your assets in case it goes bearish.<The fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now if this is the right time to invest? before jumping to a conclusion I think you should take a look at things first.. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making a loss, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and the source of your signal. You can reach Barton William on ͲeIєɠɾαm
    (Bartonsignal) He runs a program for investors/newbies who lack an understanding of how trading Bitcoin works.

  2. Thanks Bleeves. $.00014 to $.00016 is the next accumulation box. The Whales see it and will take it there after getting off at that Frb support around $.0002052. It's the nature of the beast, what can you do??? I'm staked. I've been buying Luna Punks 🙂 — how do I stake them??? Thx

  3. Thank you for your input, I really like the technical analysis side of things. I am trying to learn myself, as I am very new to all this. If you have any input into how to learn graph reading, that would be great.

    I actually sold my lunc, because I'm a knob, lol. However, I kept what I made to put back in when it fully drops, I should equal back out on the pump.

    I also heard that a few of the terra rebels team quit, due to them not getting paid, or most the team not getting paid. I believe that a proposal has been put out regarding a community pool, to help get them paid. Do you think this will have an impact on the Blockchain and currency?

    Thank you.

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